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What is YooGATE?

YooGATE is an online service. You can start YooGATE without any system requirements and software installation. After login the YooGATE window (ComTOOL) will be displayed. Onto that window all functions of YooGATE are available.

It doesn't mather if you are working on MAC, Linux, Windows, at home, at work, in holidays or on your smartphone. YooGATE offers you everywhere in the WWW access to your bookmarks/favorites, RSS-Newsfeeds, podcasts, emails, dates and contacts. If you don't have an email or want to have a new email, you will get your own email address

New on YooGATE: Our OnlineSAFE for your holidays and more!
Next journey dated? Upload before your important documents in your YooGATE OnlineSAFE. If originals get lost, connect to your YooGATE and use your copies.

Functions of YooGATE


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