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Frequently asket questions and answers

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Frequently used symbols

Save documents, notices, pictures, ... online at your OnlineSAFE
Add a new friend
add something new
add a new link
add something new
add a new contact
add something new
edit something
edit something
edit links
download file
switch into the mailmode
switch into the linkmode
switch into the memomode
switch into the smsmode
switch into the chatmode
switch into RSS/Podcast mode
switch into setupmode
view contact list
switch into systemmode
switch into VOIP/Fax mode
every link should be opened in a new window
every link should be opened in the same window


Have I to install a software before I start?
No, because YooGATE is an Onlineservice.


How can I use YooGATE e. g. in an internet café?
EIt's really simple. Visit and login. Via the internet you have access everywhere to your YooGATE. It's also very useful to work with YooGATE at home and at work. Save time while you check your emails via YooGATE with some clicks and use other interesting YooGATE function.

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